Tips for midfielders

Top tips for midfielders:-

• scout the pitch

• wide range of passes

• read the game

• awareness (keep your head up)

• technique

When you dont have the ball, dont just stand there and wait for it to be passed to you, scout the patch, so you know where your team mates are and where the opponents are, this way you know what to do, when you receive the ball, and who to pass to, and you also wont have to think about it when you get the ball.

Have a wide range of passes in your inventory, so that you can create better plays, and not get the ball to be intercepted by an opponent, by practice on lifting the ball up and practicing curved passes.

Since midfielders are the engine of the game they need to know when to pass, and when not to, and know when to play fast plays and when not to, so basically they have to read the game, to do that you need more experience in matches, and this is one of the most important skills to be learned by midfielders.

When you have the ball keep your head up, so you know where your team mates are moving and where the opponents are, do this to make sure your passes are accurate.

Technique for midfielders is not being able to do crazy skills, but being able to pass to your teammates front foot accurately, so dont go thinking midfielders need to be able to do lots of crazy skills, but what they need is to be able to time their pass.

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