General football tips

Here are some general football tips:-

• consistent training

• have confidence in your self

• healthy diet

• optimize your training

• train your fundamentals

• focus on training the skills required by the position you play in

• take risks (challange your self)

• be a learner (growth mindset)

• analyze the pros

• Play a lot of matchs

By making your training consistent you ensure that your continuously improving, and this method is a much better method than doing your best at times, and then other times not working at all, as this will not get you any where since your not improving as much as you could be.

Being confident is one of the most important things in football, and a lot of people underestimate the importance of confidence. Not believing in your self creates a huge barrier that stops you from improving and taking risks during games, which means your not able to show your full potential, so it doesnt matter how good you are, you wouldn’t be able to use your skills and strengths, if you dont believe in your self, and that shows how important confidence is.

Having a healthy diet is just as important as every other tip, you cant become the best with out making sure you eat all the vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins you need, becuase this way you ensure that your body builds up more muscles faster, so that you could improve your performance during games, and make you a step closer to reaching your goal.

Many of the top players optimize their training, so that they focus on what they need to improve and not waste time on training factors that are not required by their position.

Mastering the fundamentals is something every player needs to do before anything else, so before you start focusing on specific skills, or going into detail with the factors, you must master the fundamentals of football, this includes passing, shooting, ball control, dribbling and some basic skills, after that you can focus on the areas your position requires.

Their is no point of improving every factor, when you only need to improve certain factors, depending on the position you play in, so I recommend to only focus on the areas required by your position, e.g. a striker should focus on shooting, dribbling, speed, stamina, skills and passing. Other areas aren’t as important, and will not be as useful to the striker, so therefore he should avoid training those areas.

Taking risks is done by many players, but it is definitely stupid to take uncalculated risks, you should only take calculated risks as you want to make sure that the risk your taking, is actually going to work out, and you also want to make sure it’s worth taking. Not taking any risks is just as dumb as taking uncalculated risks, because you cant improve, if your not willing to risk anything. You must not overthink it all the time, sometimes you have to just go for it.

You must have a (growth) mindset, and not a (I’m the best at everything) mindset. Even Ronaldo and messi try to learn and improve all the time, they never go around saying “I’m the best I dont need to train”, they both have a (growth) mindset and that’s how they’re at the top, and how their maintaining their status as the best footballers in history.

Watching a match between 2 professional teams and analysing it, helps you improve your understanding of football, and increases your football IQ, this way you can spot their mistakes, and make sure you dont make the same mistakes as they did.

Playing a lot of matches is important as it gives you more experience of playing with a team, and helps you communicate with others, and allows you to test the skills you’ve learned during training. This way you are ready to play against other big teams, and you have an idea of how good you are with the new skills, so you know if your ready to use these skills or not.

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