Tips for defenders

Defence tips:-

• look at the ball not the player

• dont dive in

• be in the right position

• clear the ball when theirs doubt

• anticipate

Alot of defenders tend to look at the player instead of the ball, and this is where they make their mistake, because the player will make fake moves to trick you, and make you lose your balance, or lead you into a trap, but when looking at the ball you can focus on where the ball is, and you wouldnt fall for any fake moves made by the opponent, so it is highly recommended to avoid looking at the player, and to concentrate on the ball no matter what.

Do not slide, keep your self up on your feet, and stay there for as long as you can, because if you do slide and miss, there’s a high chance you wont be able to recover, and keep defending against the attack, and the opponents are most likely going to have a chance to score. You must only slide, when there is no other way to stop the player, so only dive in when you have to.

Stay in your position dont go all over the place, because you’ll be leaving a gap in the defensive line, some times it is better to stay, wait and let others handle the situation. So only defend what’s coming to your position, dont try and move across the pitch to help your teammate defend unless you have to, and when there is no other choice.

Clearing the ball is some times consider a dumb play, but in times it is the smart play, so have this in your mind, and do clear the ball when you think the other team is going to score if you dont.

Anticipating the opponent’s moves, is the key to becoming an unbeatable defender, most defenders just watch the opponent’s moves and react to that, rather than predicting the next move the opponent is making, but only a few defenders anticipate and those are the best defenders there is, so what I recommend is to practise anticipating, and also try anticipating your opponents the next time you play a game, you will see a huge improvement if you can master this skill.

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